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Many people focus on the ERBs, but they are only one part of the admissions process.  With Fleurs help, my daughter was prepared for all aspects of the process, from playdates to testing.  I saw a great improvement in her communication skills and her confidence, as well as many areas I would not even know to help her with -- like drawing and puzzles.  Because of her experience, Fleur understands what schools look for and what is expected of children my daughters age.

But most important to me is my daughter enjoys the process.  I didn't want to impose something on her that she would resist.  I've been happy to see that even when shes tired or has had a long day, she always looks forward to her time with Fleur.  From the time we first met her, Fleurs natural warmth and easy dialogue with children came through.  The little snatches of conversations I hear from their sessions always makes me smile because I see that my daughter is happy and engaged.
However things work out for us in the admissions process, I'm so happy I found Fleur.  She has alleviated much anxiety because at least I know my daughter is prepared for whatever may come her way.
-Maralyn, Tribeca, NY

"Our daughter worked with Fleur for about a year before taking the gifted and talented test for kindergarten. She loved her tutoring sessions because Fleur made them fun (stickers!) and was consistently encouraging of her progress. Fleur sent weekly detailed assessments of our daughter's sessions, which were specifically geared toward helping her understand the test and improve her reading comprehension and math skills each week. Fleur was always available for further discussions with us, and pointed us to material and methods that we too could use with our child. In the end, our daughter scored in the 99th percentile and we were extremely pleased with the time she spent with Fleur."
-Chris, Lower East Side, NY

"Our bilingual daughter worked with Fleur on both the ERB and G&T test preparation for 9 months. Thanks to Fleur, our daughter not only scored exceptionally well on both tests, we were accepted to two excellent private schools!  Through Fleur's weekly sessions and all of the great learning activities, our daughter developed a strong love of reading.  She will be a kindergartener in the Fall, and has just started reading chapter books on her own.  Thank you Fleur for everything!"
-Steve, Brooklyn Heights, NY

"Fleur was our son's pre-k teacher. My family fell in love with her from the very moment we met. Lucky for us, Fleur started Little City Learners. Our youngest son has a hard time focusing on any given task and because of Fleur's patience, he has come a long way. Together they came up with different strategies to help regain his focus. This has helped him tremendously in the classroom. She also does enrichment tutoring with our oldest son and he has developed confidence that we are beyond excited about. We are blessed to have Fleur in our lives."
-Amy, West Village, NY

"We were very interested in having our daughter test into a gifted and talented program. Fleur came highly recommended by the director of our preschool. She had worked with several students in my daughter's class. We only had about four months before the G&T test and weren't sure this would give us enough time for our daughter to take on such a challenging test. Fleur was very honest about our daughter's progress along the way and she gave us many tips on what we could work on at home as well. Our daughter ended up qualifying for a district gifted and talented school and we couldn't be happier! We couldn't have done it without Fleur's help. Thank you, thank you!"
-Mary, Little Italy, NY

When I first met with Fleur, we discussed what goals I had in mind for my son. My son had a slight language delay and he has an older sister who often speaks for him. Since we would be applying to private schools the following year for kindergarten, we had our concerns. After my son began working with Fleur on a weekly basis, we almost immediately noticed improvements in his language development. His confidence was another area that we were so pleased to see growth in. Fleur made practicing for the ERBs and OLSAT/NNAT2 for the Gifted and Talented program fun for our son. We recently received his ERB scores, and we are extremely pleased!
-Laura, West Village, NY

Our second grader was reading at a first grade level and was frustrated and embarrassed, so we wanted to help her. Fleur has been working with our daughter since the beginning of the school year and she has shown improvement after every session. Parent teacher conference just happened and we found out she's reading at a fourth grade level! She has grown to love reading and we couldn't be happier.
-Marnie, Upper West Side, NY

We started working with Fleur approximately a year before our son took the Gifted & Talented test. We were able to keep track of our son's progress, as Fleur would send us detailed emails after each session. We are thrilled with the results, as he scored 99 and he will likely be attending the Anderson School this fall, our top choice. Fleur made practicing for the G & T fun and we are so grateful!
 -Catherine, Midtown West, NY

Our daughter attends a progressive private school in the city where they do not teach kindergarteners how to read. But many children started to read independently and our daughter felt embarrassed that she couldn't follow along on the daily morning message. She is now able to read level A & B books and she is more confident as a result. Fleur has been a tremendous support to our daughter. She looks forward to spending more time with Fleur this summer.
 -Brooke, East Village, NY 

As many New York parents can relate, there is a lot of competition and stress trying to get our children into the top schools. We only want what is best for our child. After working with Fleur on a weekly basis, our son scored extremely high on the ERBs! She prepared our son for his private school group play dates and he very much enjoyed the process. Our son will be attending Dalton this fall. We'll be using Fleur for our younger son when the time comes.
 -Marisa, Dumbo, NY 

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