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Every Little City Learners’ program begins the same way – with a meeting with you and your child. We discuss what you would like to work on and we identify what short- and long-term goals you would like to achieve. We get a sense of what your child enjoys, what poses a challenge, and what brings a smile. We then create an individualized lesson plan.


Little City Learners’ programs are individually tailored to each child, lessons can vary widely. What remains the same is that, since the teacher-student relationship is dependent on trust, our educational approach emphasizes support and warmth. We challenge, and we praise, but we never place blame or make a child feel inferior or unsupported. We provide the supportive “scaffolding” and the student feels confident to “build” toward positive development.

Sessions can take place in your home, at your local library, or in my home office. Most often, we arrange for one 60 or 75-minute session per week.

For a child set to take the ERB, a lesson might include:

  • Reading a story, during which we ask questions about the meaning of certain words, ask for predictions and, at the end, a summary of the story
  • Playing games that encourage language development such as puppet shows, storytelling games, guessing what’s in my “bag” based on the clues provided, creating stories from wordless books, etc.
  • Personally-designed board games that specifically focus on ERB skills
  • Exercises that develop skills necessary for private school interviews, like communication skills, fine-motor skills, letter-identification ability, etc.

A first grader’s enrichment lesson might include: 

  • Writing stories using inventive spelling and developing a self-editing process
  • Reading level-appropriate stories aloud and creating reading strategies that best suit the child
  • Playing games to recognize spelling patterns
  • Storytelling for language acquisition
  • Practicing and solving math word problems
  • Working on fine-motor skills and handwriting 


Feedback and accountability are essential to Little City Learners’ mission. After each session, we email a detailed narrative of our session and fill you in on your child’s progress. We identify areas of growth and those areas in which greater attention is needed.

These email updates form the basis of an ongoing conversation between parent and teacher. Information is exchanged, questions are asked, and stories are shared. And, of course, lesson plans are tweaked and revised as needed.

LCL also provides customized information about schools that would be a good fit for your child, based on his or her learning style and temperament.

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