Little City Learners

The Philosophy

The basis for Little City Learners’ educational philosophy is simple, and its one I've learned teaching at the city's elite private schools: Children learn best when they are “doing” rather than solely being taught. A good teacher provides the scaffolding that allows a child to build his or her own positive educational and emotional development.

At LCL, teacher and student work together. Knowing every child develops and learns in different ways, we get to know each other, discover interests and implement those interests in our sessions together.

Those sessions focus on such things as storytelling, reading strategies, letter recognition, letter sounds, writing, working on math and shapes — activities that help develop the core skills a child will use as the basis of his or her educational foundation. Children gearing up to take the ERB and the OLSAT/NNAT2 for the Gifted and Talented Program will develop an aptitude for the very activities on which they will be tested. I am against having children work with materials that are exactly the same real test materials. I do support working with different materials that help children build the underlying skills needed to do well on a test. Elementary-aged students will benefit from a targeted approach on subject areas in which they need extra attention. 

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